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One of the reasons you're checking out this book - 'Magic Is God' by Dr. Isis Day - is because you're looking for the Truth; and, once a Truth-Seeker, always one! If you're seeking sincerely, then the message in this book will itch in your ears till you understand them. However, one thing is for sure: You will never be the same as you were before you studied this book. This Message is for your betterment, advancement and strengthening. If well understood and applied, it will bring you power and possessions; and it will make you a master of yourself and other things. No one who studies this book needs ever again fear any undue influence on the part of others. It is the author's wish for this book to help you grow in Witchcraft or as a Pagan, and to help you to throw off the bonds and shackles of mental slavery. You'd then become strong, positive, optimistic and benevolent Witches, instead of weak, negative, pessimistic and depressed Pagans. 'Magic Is God' is an inspired holy book, a revelation. It is a Witch's New Testament, the Awakening - ushering in a new beginning for Witches and Wizards in particular, and Pagans and New-Agers in general. There has never been, and will never be, any published material or uttered statement that could surpass this book in upholding the Truth that Magic is God. No higher Truth has ever been spoken or written of, and no higher Truth will ever be spoken or written of after this book. Those who shall devotedly and sincerely adopt this message of truth, will inevitably perceive and realize the Truth whereby satisfaction and freedom are secured. Some Reviews: "Being a Pagan never got better. This is definitely Magic and Witchcraft simplified." - Juliette Williams. "'Magic Is God' reveals the secret and true source of real power for Witches and Wizards." - The Venerable Chuan Chuang. "Empowering, Inspiring and Motivating; exposing the Truth every Pagan seeks, it divulges the not-so-known spirit and language of Witchcraft for Witches and Wizards." - Dr. Franco Scott. "My goodness! Magic has never enjoyed such exaltation before. I suspect that some of the gods, especially those of non-Pagan religions, would be jealous of this elevation." - Luxley Harris. "This book - 'Magic Is God' by Dr. Isis Day - is a rare and unique Masterpiece that will shake the foundations of what anyone already knows about Magic, Witchcraft and Pagans. It is one small step for Pagans and New-Agers in general, but a giant leap for Witches and Wizards in particular. In this book, the practice of Witchcraft gets a lot more magical than ever. Are you spiritually and metaphysically daring and open-minded enough to lock-in horns with the wild, bold, radical and gigantic claims of this book? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Grab a copy now and start reading! - Rica Mira (Founder of the PrayerFairy website). Some Bonus Chapters: Appendix C: The Wrathful Side Of A Witch. Power-Boosters For Witches. Appendix D: Self-Hypnosis For Witches. Appendix E: Creative Visualization For Witches. Appendix F: Guided Meditation For Witches. A Gift To mankind: In addition to being a gift to Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers, this book - 'Magic Is God' by Dr. Isis Day - is also a gift to the rest of the world, that they may know the Truth that will truly set them free - that Magic is God, and that Witches, Pagans and Witchcraft are not the enemy, but rather hold the key to their salvation and all the answers they seek. (This description adapted from the book - 'Magic Is God' by Dr. Isis Day.)
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