I Love Poetry


Becky Williams

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I Love Poetry

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Table Of Contents

About the Author v
Acknowledgments vi
Dedication vii
Forward viii

Don't Think - Just Do 11
The Question 13
In A Way 14
My Mom 15
You Are The Song 16
O Leaf, So Free! 18
I Think Of You 19
God Is In Control 20
Ma Vie est Ta Vie 22
My Life Is Your Life 22
Have You Ever? 23
Moon Daisy 24
Patricia 24
The Vision 26
Mother & Daughter 27
Josie 27
Undaunted 31
The Brightest Star 32


Jackie 32
Halloween Fun 33
Snake! 34
You Are the Son Of A Mighty King 35
Felix 35, 48
As A Man Thinketh In His Heart 36
Helaman's Trust 37
Spring, So Lovely! 38
Who Is It? 39
A Prayer For My Husband 40
On My Wedding Day 40
The Way We Were 42
The Way God Meant For Love To Be 45
Shiblon's Faithfulness 46
Be Loyal To The Royal Within 47
That Little Boy Of Mine 48
Teaching Me To Let Go And Let God 49
Wonder 50
'Twas The Night Before Christmas 51
Korihor, The Deceiver 54
I Tried To Write You A Poem Of Love 56
Want more Information? 58


About the Author:

Becky Nzeocha Williams was born Rebecca Jean Middleton, in Los Angeles, California, USA, in 1961 to John and Anna Middleton. She was the 4th of 9 children, and the 2nd of 4 daughters. Her family moved several times from California, to Washington State, to Oregon, to Texas, to Louisiana and finally back to Texas by the age of 9. At the age of 12, family pressures forced her and her siblings to be split up and placed in several foster homes. She spent the first 2-3 years in state foster homes and the last 2-3 years in the foster homes of the L.D.S. Church of which she and her family had been members. She came back home to live with her mother at the age of 17, and then went off to college for one semester at Brigham Young University. She then lived with her parents until she became engaged to her 1st husband. Enraged at her choice of a marriage partner, her father kicked her out and she lived with her sister until the wedding at the age of 19. She has two beautiful daughters, Josephine and Jacqueline, and one son, Felix. After 5-6 years, she went back to school and got an Associates Degree in Nursing. And after 17 years of marriage with her 1st husband, she divorced and moved to Houston, Texas.


First and foremost, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and my Heavenly Father, without whom I would have had no chance for happiness in life. They are my main source of inspiration.

Secondly, I am so grateful to the other muse in my life - my 2nd & present husband, Julius. He has encouraged me in so many ways that are hard to put into words. He encouraged me to fulfill my dreams and life's ambitions and to always have a goal in mind. His example has led me forward and made me want to achieve something higher.

My daughter, Josie, has been my pride and joy. Life hasn't been easy for her, but she was able to make some lemonade out of lemons, and she has worked very hard to get ahead spiritually, academically and economically, with her happy family.

My other daughter, Jackie, has challenged me to look at life in a different perspective. She has made me look for other ways of seeing that I would not have normally. She is very tender-hearted, and loves with all of her heart.

Felix is a very loving son and can be very kind hearted at times. He can be such a joy to be around as well. He has a charm that makes it to where you can't help but love him.

The different foster parents that I was blessed to have were invaluable in helping me find myself, loving me as I am. I would like to especially thank Darol and Carolynne Dimmick.

I am also very grateful to the members of my Church, especially the Missionaries, who continue to make me feel that I am a loved daughter of God and a member of their families.

A very special thanks to Sisters Whitlock & Sanders who helped me pick out the title for this book, and whose excitement over the poems made me feel they were truly worth publishing.



With love & appreciation,
To my family - Julius, Josephine, Jacqueline, Felix, grandchildren;
and my stepchildren - Treasure, Faith, Star & Noble.

To the families of my brothers, sisters, in-laws and relatives.
To my parents & grand parents.

To my readers & fans.



As I went through life, I didn't think I was anything special or different, but I knew that I had a yearning I didn't quite understand. I think that all my life, I just wanted to be understood. Maybe I felt I would be valued if people really understood me. I was shy and insecure as a child, so the only way I felt that I wasn't out of place, I guess, was in the world of fiction. I read so many books of every genre: action, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, romance, western... you name it. I felt so at home there. But I also wanted to express myself in an emotionally safe environment as well. I began writing poetry in high school at the age of 15, and I wrote short stories, and my journal as well. I submitted the poems sometimes in high school for grades but that was the end of that.

After I got married and started having kids, I had little time for retrospection and writing, so that was put on the back burner for many years. When my kids were getting older, I did start to write again, but only sporadically. It wasn't until my divorce that I began to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper again. My poems are most dramatic during the emotionally charged periods of my life. My first ones were when I was in foster homes. Out of loneliness, I began to be introspective, and my poems were at that time as well. When my kids were growing, I expressed my love of them in poetry as they were what made me the most happy.

After my divorce, I met the one person whom I refer to as my "split-apart" - the other half of my soul, and finally felt at home. I also became closer in my relationship with God. I credit God for my ultimate happiness because He sent my husband to me at a critical point in my life which I think really saved me. It was at this point that I began a flurry of poetry writing as I was so inspired at this time by my love of the Lord and my family.

- Becky Williams.

Becky at 4


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My Mom

My Mom is not a beauty queen,
Nor a movie star is she;
But she is the best person I know
For what she does and sees in me.

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O Leaf, So Free!
(At age 16)

O Leaf, fallen and blowing free,
Can I not be as free as thee?
Blowing about without a care,
Dost thou not know of troubles everywhere?
Teach me thy ways, O leaf so free,
That I may be as free as thee.
I wish to be floating everywhere
Not knowing of any cares.
O Leaf, canst thou not worry?
O teach me, leaf, the way to tarry.
O Leaf, fallen and blowing free,
Can I not be as free as thee?

- - - - -     - - - - -

You Are the Son Of A Mighty King
(For Felix)

As you walk through life, hold your head up high;
Walk with dignity and don't forget why;
Remember always from whence you came;
There's a familiar whispering that calls your name;
You are brought from afar and brought into being;
Remember who you are - The Son of a mighty king!

- - - - -     - - - - -


I climbed upon the mountain top
To see what I could see
When what to my wondering eyes
I saw that the world was watching me!

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I Tried To Write You A Poem Of Love

I tried to write you a poem of love
And found it to be a rough road.
How do you write of the depth of love
Or the strength it bestowed?

I tried to write you a poem of love
But found it somewhat hard.
How do you write words of peace
Or the joining of two hearts?

I tried to write you a poem of love
But was stopped in every way.
How do you write of two souls
Who together make a way?

I tried to write you a poem of love
But found it rather daunting.
Then I decided that all effort I'd put in
Still would be rather wanting.


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