Witches Unite! - Magic and Witchcraft: Our Gift, Our Heritage, Our Power!, by Isis Day; edited by Marie Guillaumes

Witches Unite!

Magic and Witchcraft:
Our Gift, Our Heritage, Our Power!


Isis Day


Edited, Designed & Formatted by: Marie Guillaumes


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Witches Unite! - Magic and Witchcraft: Our Gift, Our Heritage, Our Power!, by Isis Day; edited by Marie Guillaumes


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Witches Unite!
Magic and Witchcraft: Our Gift, Our Heritage, Our Power!
(Black-&-White Interior Paperback Edition)
First Edition – First Printing – (First Revision+)
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Table Of Contents
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Acknowledgments / Dedication v
Disclaimer vi
Preface vii

I Had A Dream...

No Magic, No Life! 11

If the Pope, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Emperors and Empresses were Pagans 15

Jesus was a Wizard; Mary was a Witch 19

Witches are divine 26

Me, Myself and Isis – My Story 29

Tears On My Pillow 37

Epilogue 39



A very special thanks to my dear mom and grandma – my highly beloved Mentors and Inspiration – through whom I was born a Witch.

To my beloved brother, Osiris, whose short life on earth triggered a curiosity that awakened the Witch in me.

To Julie Williams, my spiritual twin-sister, controversial alter-ego and Best Friend Forever.

I am very grateful to Magic – the Infinite Intelligence – for Universal Life Force/Energy, and for Everything.


Dedicated to:

All Witches, Wizards, Pagans, New-Agers, All Metaphysicians, All Holistic Practitioners, My Family, Friends, Relatives, Teachers & Mentors, and All my Fans worldwide!



The ideas expressed in this book do not in any way reflect or represent those of the editor and publishers of this book.

Although this book is based on some actual events, all names and characters depicted herein bear no reference to any person you know, dead or alive.



They have disgraced us, and hindered us half a million; laughed at our losses, mocked at our gains, scorned our type, thwarted our bargains, cooled our friends, heated our enemies; and what's their reason? We are Witches and Wizards – (Pagans).

Hath not a Witch eyes? Hath not a Witch hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is?

If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Witch (as a suspect) wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge... subjecting us to unimaginable inhumane torture and cruelty.

Adapted and paraphrased by Isis Day from
William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’
(Act III, scene I).


About 99.99% of the time History and the Media paint Witchcraft as bad, cruel, evil, gruesome and gross, depicting us as weird looking creatures and hags with tails, etc., but they don't show that the immense power of Magic can be in the wrong hands, and that like any other power, whether money, fame, political or military power, Magic could be used for good or bad, and that there are so many good Witches who don't feel safe showing up because of persecutions and the bad names given to them by the supposed bad ones. In every community you have the good, the bad and the obnoxious; Witches are no exceptions – they have their fair dose of outlaws and outcasts. Fire can cook your food; but it can also burn down your house. A bank-robber and a healer both pray to God for success – the power of Magic can be used either way too for good or bad. But they don’t label their God evil because the bank-robber prayed to him for success; so why call Magic bad for whatever reasons?

        Why do they hate us so badly?
What did we ever do to them?
How long are we going to hide in the closet?

It's time to unite! This book – 'Witches Unite!' – is an invitation to the unity that will exonerate us and help us take our rightful place in the society, that of being the advocates and messengers of peace, love and well-being. The odds have always been against us, but with increased unity we might be able to clear our name considerably, look good, stop hiding and be acceptable to the society. Please don’t say ‘Who cares?’ because the rejection, persecution, bad name and dreaded suspicions in the minds of non-Pagans have seriously done us a lot of harm beyond words.

This is a prophetic message of love and unity from Isis on Witchcraft. Yes, I had a dream... of Magic and Witchcraft, which came with some intimate revelations and eye-openers. In it I saw a glimpse of the beauty and joy of Magic and the extent of all the good we could do with It for ourselves and others. I herein gladly share my dreams with you.

This is not a book that teaches the practice or history of Witchcraft; there are so many great books on the Craft out there already. If you’re interested in learning about Witchcraft you’d do well to pick up one or more of such books. If you’re not sure where to start, visit my website (www.IsisDay.com) for suggestions. But, as long as you have interest in Magic, this message is also meant for you. Whether you’re new to Witchcraft or not, in the end I may not have told you anything you don’t already know, but there’s only one way to find out – read on with gusto and keep an open mind so you don’t miss the message.

I strongly recommend you check out three other books of mine – ‘Joan Of Arc: A Role Model For Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers – How To Spiritually Achieve Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive,’ ‘Reiki for Witches: A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool For Witches, Wizards, Pagans and New-Agers’ and ‘Magic Is God’ – I’m sure you’d love them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my book. May the best and most fun-filled experiences be your trademark, to the highest good of all concerned!

Don’t forget to recommend this book positively to anyone you think could benefit from it. Do stay in touch. My contact information is on my website: www.IsisDay.com


Dr. Isis Day
(Houston, Texas, USA.)
April 2013



Dream all you can;
Pitch your tent in the dreamland.

Juliette Williams
Illuminatista: God 2.0:
The Controversial Wisdom of Dr. Julie Williams.
(ZigaStar™ Publishers)



I Had A Dream...  No Magic, No Life!

There are only two major groups of people in this world – Witches and non-Witches. And within each group are two kinds of people – those who are pro-Witchcraft and those who are anti-Witchcraft. In other words, not all Witches are interested in or support the Craft, and not all non-Witches are against the Craft either. All Witches and Wizards are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Witches and Wizards. Also, most Witches and Wizards could pass for New-Agers, but only a few New-Agers are Witches and Wizards. Despite this distinction, the words ‘Witch,’ ‘Wizard,’ ‘Pagan’ and ‘New-Ager’ are sometimes used interchangeably when referring to a Witch; and I shall do the same in this book and my other books.

In addition to the awful and horrible dictionary definitions, synonyms and modern-day connotations of the words ‘Witch,’ ‘Wizard’ and ‘Pagan,’ we – Witches, Wizards and Pagans – are perceived as public enemy number one and are literally ostracized from the society. To the general populace the concept of Magic at best has been reduced to fantasies for movies and story books. Darker stories and movies get more attention; so Hollywood and authors rarely miss the opportunity to project and sell dark Magic to their impressionable audience while tarnishing our image in the process. Very few authors and movie makers do a fair job of painting us good and entertaining, while the rest of them make sure we look as bad as can be. Most of the damaging stories begin with something like "Once upon a time there lived a very powerful and wicked Witch..." who of course turned everyone, especially children, into toads for her meal. Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to have better beginnings for better stories and movies? A special thanks to the writers and makers of movies like The Good Witch, Charmed, The Craft, Legend of the Seeker, Practical Magic, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Merlin, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie and many other such movies and books that at least try to depict the fact that Magic is good but the people who practice It choose between using It for good or evil. A special thanks also to the makers of the ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ TV series for the beautiful portrayal of the Amazon Pagans and their awesome ritual and dance sequences.

Whatever it is people think of us; wherever it is they think we originated from; whatever evil they’ve blamed on us; all the hateful and antagonistic feelings they’ve piled up on us for millennia have not annihilated us and our Craft. We survive! We live on; and we move on, as we’ll continue to do not just for more centuries to come but for all eternity because we are creation and creation is us. Without Magic, (the Force, Energy, Supreme Intelligence, God, Goddess, Love, Mind, etc.), there is neither existence nor creation. It is far much easier to obliterate all observable universe than to erase or subdue one iota of Magic. No Magic, No Life! It is by the grace of Magic that anything that is exists. Thus it’s easy to see one reason we’re rather feared for personifying and identifying with Magic, for that which is capable of giving life is also capable of taking life. If by our grace and involvement with Magic all that is has come to be, then by our disfavor anything that is might also cease to be. But our benignity and code of conduct restrain us, any true Witch or Wizard, from ‘doing harm to anyone.’ Magic is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the All-in-All, the only Power there is, the one and only ‘I Am.’ All that talk about the Truth that sets you free is mostly an implication that until we realize and accept who we really are – Witches and Wizards, Gods and Goddesses – and until we embrace Magic as the ultimate power and all there is to existence or life, we would only grope in the dark and remain victims to our oppressors and the environment, including disease, poverty, failed relationships, powerlessness and bad weather.

The practice of Witchcraft could be suppressed either voluntarily or forcefully, ignorantly or knowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, either at the individual and group levels or even at national or global levels, but it cannot be eradicated, and its flames cannot be extinguished. The flames of the Craft and its presence may grow dim, but not the power of Magic.

Magic is alive – an active ever-Living Intelligence. It is everywhere because It is omni-present; and you can achieve any good in the name (through the practice) of Magic because It is omni-potent – all powerful. Magic is the ultimate answer to all the questions you could ever ask and all the puzzles life throws at you. We need to develop our magic-abilities. To be truly ‘born again’ is to see Magic in everything, to feel or experience Magic in everything, and to think Magic all the time. Magic holds the key to all the betterment you could wish for – all the joy, all the love, all the fun, health, wealth, fame, fulfillment and all the peace and tranquility you seek. All we need is Magic. If you have Magic you have everything, including all heaven and earth; (in Magic, ‘all power is given unto you in heaven and in earth’). So, if you are not manifesting and experiencing all the good you desire, take a break, pause for a moment, take a deep breath and re-evaluate your perception of Magic and how It applies to everything about you. If you’re not able to resolve all the crisis or conflicts in your life; if you are not looking beyond your circumstances or meager human capabilities and reaching for the moon, sun and stars, then it’s time to stop looking outward and start looking inward; you need to remember who you are and rethink your claims on Magic. The gift of Magic was given to you for many reasons, and I’m quite sure your well-being in every branch of life is one of them. Magic is your El Dorado, your all-time panacea. We must align ourselves again with Nature, with Magic. Come to a decision today to stop making Magic a social pastime or business, to sincerely embrace Magic in its fullness, to become one with Magic, to deeply cherish your gift of Magic, to empower yourself with Magic, and let It work for you, with you, in you, through you and all around you, to the highest good of all concerned; so mote it be!


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