Romeo and Julie:
My Secret Erotic Dilemma With
Romeo of Julingdom


Julie Williams

(Based on a True Story)

Edited, Designed & Formatted by: Marie Guillaumes

ZigaStar Publishers

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Romeo and Julie
- My Secret Erotic Dilemma With Romeo of Julingdom -

(Black-&-White Interior Paperback Edition)
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Table of Contents

Dedication v
Disclaimer vi

Introduction vii
My Secret Erotic Fantasies 9
The Devil's Advocate? 11
JJ's Triple-X Letter That Got Me Into Trouble, Big Time 13
Sexcapade - Hormones on Fire 15
Coital Inferno 18
Demonic Possession? 19
An Emotional Disaster 20
Self-Destruction's The Only Solution 22
My Miracle! 23
But I Collapsed, With A Death-Wish 24
I Resurrected In Love 25
I Embrace Love 26
No Kissing! No Sex!! 28
I Promised Marian A Kiss 30
Julius Feels Guilty 31
Thank You for Loving Me 32
True Love Changes Everything 33
I Was Not His First 34
Julius Was My First 35
Dying To Have Sex 36
I Was So Wet and Juicy, But... 38
It Was Sex, Not Love Making 40
I Banged Out Three Climaxes In A Row 41
I Want To Have Your Baby 44
The Three Musketeers of Love! 45
A Gem, Polished By The Gods 46
My Third Therapist 47
Freedom To Sleep Around? 48
Fire Down Below, Again! 51
For You, My Julius!! 52
Thank You! (To my readers and fans) 54
Want More Information? 55
Alphabetical Index of Titles 56

To my ever-loving, ever-darling husband, Julius,
for being the best friend & lover anyone could ever wish for.
A million thanks for your everlasting love, prayers & support.
Thank you for loving me so dearly, beyond words!

To my friends, readers, fans and supporters,
With deep gratitude and appreciation.


Although the names used herein are the real names of those involved in this story, they do not in any way coincide with, or refer to, anybody you might know, alive or dead.

Also, the human photos or images herein, or on the book cover and CD sleeve designs, are not actual photos of Julius, Julie & Juliette, but are just as beautiful. I'm grateful for the photos/images.



        When my husband, Julius (my Romeo), published 'Romantic Love Letters & Poems for Lovers: To Julie and Juliette, With Love,' - he was being the decent 'good boy' that he is, and thus excluded the erotic letters and poems that used to turn me on full blast! And now, as I compile the ones I might use for this book, he literally refused to let me include the sexy materials, until I reminded him my wish was supposed to be his command, and that the freedom he promised me should include this one too. "Oh boy! I guess you're right," he said. "But, can we make this an exception?" he asked. "Nope!" I interjected. "These are my love-rights, they are mine to use as I please, and you know how much they mean to me; so, I may or may not include some of our letters and poems, at least for now, but I will tell our story like it is." Oh dear, I pity him - he seemed embarrassed, but he also knew I could stubbornly hold my ground when I want to, like I just did. His only remark was: "As long as you make sure our little girl doesn't lay hands on them."

        In his book, he didn't portray me as a 'bad girl.' Well, maybe I'm not a 'bad girl' after all, but I sure am a lady, and want what every other woman out there wants, at least what most women want - a good dose of true love, romance, arousal, sex (and for me sometimes spiced up a little rough and kinky), caring, respect, understanding and some lavish atmosphere if possible. (Ladies generally want Romance, Tenderness, Wooing, Courtship, Love, Intimacy, Communication, Gifts, some Spoiling, and nothing less, whether they know/admit it or not.) So, welcome to my world of top notch erotic extravaganza.

        Julius is a bona-fide sensitive and attentive man. He not only knows what I want to hear or what to tell me, but when and how to do it right. Basically, by some whatever, he always knows what I want, and makes sure I have a full dose of them in a way that is romantically irresistible, emotionally stimulating, seductively tantalizing, physically impacting, sexually explosive, then shaken and stirred beyond my wildest imaginations.

        By the way, this book is better read when you're alone, no phones, doorbells, etc. Now, sit tight, buckle-up, take a deep breath, relax, lock your door if need be, put on some lingerie or relax stark naked on your couch, in bed or in your bath-tub, some candle lights, coffee, tea or some wine, cigarette, dimmed lights, and whatever gets you there. You too can be a 'bad girl,' just for today:-) And don't worry, it won't take long - before you know it, you're done!

        OK ... 3, 2, 1, action!

- Julie Williams.
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012.
Happy Valentine!!

My Secret Erotic Fantasies

        Growing up, I used to have the usual fantasies of all the possible naughty things boys and girls could do together, sexually, mostly. Somehow, I've always wanted to be a bad girl, at least for once, dressed up in leather, whip in hand, tattoos, piercings, you know, all those things you see on TV and read in romance novels; and it didn't help that I was raised in a completely opposite environment, one puritanical enough to turn me into a lay nun. Church seemed like my home, while our house was rather an annex. I was close to being another Carrie White who was made to believe that it was evil for a girl to have breasts.

        Every time we had male visitors I was sent to my room until they left. I would secretly peep through cracks, or look out the window to analyze them, especially 'bad' boys who looked hip to their hips. I wondered what they looked like naked and let my imagination run wild. I would then wonder what it would be like to go on a romantic treasure hunt with them and explore the uncharted landscape of my wild erotic jungle. I had unanswered questions in my head that I dared not voice out. So I would fill in all the blanks in any way that jived with my fantasies.

        I had to hide to look at magazines or read novels; I had to sneak out to my friend's house to watch non-religious channels on TV. Music of course was strictly gospel, and parties were three-hundred-percently taboo! Love was branded the ultimate honey-coated trick to ensure procreation, outside which it was nothing but the devil's most powerful and subtle guile. There were just too many rules on how to behave around men and what to do or not do when they were around. It's not surprising that I was cranky most of the time. I sure couldn't wait to leave home in the name of college!


The Devil's Advocate?

        In the beginning of my relationship with Julius, the Captain of my love boat, I was holding back a little, or maybe a lot - I guess we all do somehow. I impatiently wished for us to spice up things a bit. I feared letting my silly desires come to the surface as I wasn't sure what he would think. Would it be a turn-on for him or a turn-off? Would he call me the devil's advocate and set me up for deliverance if not exorcism? There could have been only one way to find out if I had the courage, but he was such a cutie that I feared the worst for myself if I lost him for any stupid or sinful reason of mine. So I waited and hoped that someday there would be a clue, a hint, something that would give me the green light to take my chances. Anxieties were gradually mounting, and for a while, I thought of taking the bull by the horn, letting the torpedoes go full throttle, and damning all consequences.

And then came my lucky break, my miracle, the blessed trigger that ushered in the new me, that made me resonate to my true self, the amazing liberated me, forever. Things have never been the same again since then, for I became instantly transformed from an introverted shy 'Holy Julie,' to a sexy 'girl-gone-wild' extrovert - a love ninja - the me that I finally came to realize is the real me. Every other personality I'd put on before this time was unconsciously fake; or maybe I was consciously hypocritical. It was a life-time discovery, and other than Julius and our daughter, it's the best thing that ever, ever happened to me. Julius didn't see that coming, and I'll let you know how we dealt with it; but for now let me tell you the miraculous weapon, the 'vampire bite' that turned me.

Julius, my J, my JJ, who naturally is himself, always, with an unusual and confident ease, and never lying about his feelings, sent me the following sexy letter. I was shocked to my bones! I became very excited. Then confused. But it was an opportunity of a life-time, (at least so I thought), and I wasn't gonna miss it. I immediately took an erotic sky-dive, determined to make the most of it at once. All in all, what happened afterwards is beyond words. I just know that my head has been spinning since then. See for yourself!

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Thank You!
(To my readers and fans):
Yes, thank you, especially for not judging & condemning me.
It was fun for me; I hope it has been for you:-)
See ya in my next book!

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        You'd do well to read my husband's book - Romantic Love Letters & Poems for Lovers: To Julie and Juliette, With Love, by Julius Williams. You'd love it. It's definitely not as wild as this one, not even close, but it is full of love. If you're a woman, don't miss it. You'll also see why for me, it must be him or never. And it will indirectly help you understand me, us, better. And with some luck, (if necessary), you too might re-discover yourself, your love, and find one more reason to wake up every day and say: "Thank Heavens, I'm alive!" Together, let's embrace ourselves and choose Life and Love!
- Chao!!

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