A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool
For Metaphysicians


Julius Miracle Williams, Ph.D.

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A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool For Metaphysicians

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A very special thanks to Joan Of Arc -
my highly revered Mentor & Inspiration,
Around whom my universe revolves, and who also is
The number one reason I got interested in Metaphysics & Holistics.

I am very grateful to the Infinite Intelligence for
Universal Life Force/Energy, and for Everything.

Dedicated to:

All Metaphysicians,
All Holistic Practitioners,
My Dearly Beloved Children & Grand-Children,
My Family, Friends, Relatives, Teachers & Mentors, and
All my Fans worldwide!


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Acknowledgments ..... iii
List Of Figures ..... v
Foreword ..... vi

1.    Introduction ..... 1
2.    Review Of Literature ..... 4
3.    Methods ..... 18

  • A Little History Of Reiki ..... 18
  • My Reiki Lineage ..... 19
  • The Five Ethical Principles (Affirmations) of Reiki ..... 20
  • The Three Degrees/Levels of Reiki Attunement/Initiation ..... 20
  • How Reiki Works ..... 22
  • Reiki Hand Positions ..... 23
  • Reiki Symbols ..... 24

4.    Findings ..... 30

  • Permissions ..... 35
  • Caution ..... 36

5.    Discussion ..... 39
6.    Summary and Conclusions ..... 43

Bibliography ..... 46

Want More Information? ..... 48


  • (Figure 1) Some Reiki Hand Positions for Self-Treatment ..... 26

  • (Figure 2) Some Reiki Hand Positions For Treating Others ..... 27

  • (Figures 3, 4 & 5) Some Reiki Symbols ..... 28 - 29



This book, 'Reiki: A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool For Metaphysicians,' was originally written as a school thesis. Some family members and friends who looked at it kept insisting that it would be selfish for me not to share the insights therein with the rest of the world. At first, I didn't pay any attention to what they were saying; but after a while, I began to agree with them. I then said to myself: "If only one person could benefit from this material, it would be worth the effort; and if more people could benefit from it, and thus use the insight to heal and help others, then it would be one of the most useful things I've ever done." So I decided to go ahead and publish it.

Anyone reading this book who is familiar with the formats for thesis writing would quickly recognize it as a thesis. To avoid being overwhelmed with the process of making it into a book, and thus drop the idea, I've tried to leave it exactly as-is, except for a few things necessary for publication, plus the addition of this Foreword, the Index, taking off the pages that contain the school examiners' title page and header information, fixing some typos, then 'crossing some T's and dotting some I's.'

As with any other thesis, researched materials are not usually completely accounted for. I did my best to give credit to whom credit is due, but it would be a shame for me to say that I did full justice in acknowledging all the referenced materials I flipped through while working on this thesis. That notwithstanding, I tried my best to remain as 'original' as possible and avoid plagiarism. The most likely place that would be hard to give full credit is chapter two - Literature Review. It was near impossible to write the reviews without borrowing from the publishers themselves and their previous reviewers and commentators. And I am very grateful for such insight and expertise displayed by them.

The Internet has truly become a World Wide Web of information, and it's increasingly hard to keep track of where you found whatever got your attention. But we cannot take for granted the labor and costs that go into assembling and uploading such data. Thus, for all who have put up materials out there that I could have come in contact with, I also say 'Thank you!!!' Overall, I apologize for any shortcomings, oversights or display of ignorance on my part regarding credits, content and views expressed in this work.

It is so easy to take all the credit for anything. It's easy for my ego to pop up and say I did it all by myself. No way! Directly or indirectly, I did not. And for all who helped me in one way or another, I also say 'Thank You!!!' (By the way, there's an instrumental song entitled 'Thank You!!!' by Johanka - check it out on my website. Also, check out my other book which like this one, was a school thesis - 'Joan Of Arc: A Role Model For Metaphysicians - How To Spiritually Achieve Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive.' I'm sure you would love them.)

It is my deepest wish that this book helps you become a better Holistic Practitioner beyond your wildest dreams. When this happens, please feel free to share your wonderful experiences with the rest of us. I'll endeavor to provide some space on my website where we can all share inspiring experiences and pep-talks. Let us hold up & empower one another, and be our brothers' and sisters' keepers and motivators.

I believe in Love. Love heals! Love is the answer. With Love, all pains go away; and with lots of Love in our hearts, any good can be accomplished. Give Love a chance. Let Love reign in our hearts and everywhere. Love is Life. Love is all there is. The heart that loves lives, glows and grows. Let us therefore, Think Love, Act Love, Live Love, and Become Love! Thus, Love-A-Love-A-Day!! Reach Out And Love, universally and unconditionally!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my book. My birthday is June 25th. It will be nice to get birthday greetings from you. (Many 'Thanks' to you in advance!) May the best and most fun-filled experiences be your trademark, to the highest good of all concerned! Amen!!

Don't forget to recommend this book positively to anyone you think could benefit from it. Further more, I have some free downloads for you on my website. Finally, and most of all, I'd be glad to hear from you. Do stay in touch. My contact information is on my website: Enjoy!!!

- Dr. Julius Miracle Williams
(Houston, Texas, USA.)
Wednesday, January 6th, 2010



Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key), translates from the Japanese into 'Universal Life Force,' 'Universal Energy,' 'Vital Life Force,' 'Transfer of Energy' or "Universally Guided Energy" (Fernandez; 2003:6). Reiki, as a healing art, is fast becoming one of today's most popular emerging holistic practices, because of its ease of use, and the growing respect, success, and validity it has been achieving in recent years. This expository thesis discusses Reiki as an alternative type of healing practice, and looks at its significance within the context of Metaphysics. It presents the history, concept and philosophy of this alternative therapy, which re-originated in Japan, but has existed for thousands of years, while focusing on its practice modalities, and why I consider it 'A Multi-Purpose Holistic Tool for Metaphysicians.' This paper also looks at the art and science of Reiki, and examines the key techniques associated with this Energy healing process which allows Metaphysical Practitioners to help themselves and others, thus healing the Inner Person through the use of this Universal Life Force which "is found everywhere and in all things..." (Penczak; 2005:2)

While Reiki is not associated with any particular ideology, philosophy, religion, movement or organization, there are five main Principles and three major Degrees/Levels of Reiki Attunement and related Symbols passed down through the ages, which help to define Reiki methodology as a whole, and which are discussed in this paper. By applying these principles, it is believed that one is able to further enhance their own energy, providing a more balanced and pure life experience or Personal Transformation for themselves and others.

In this thesis, I also contend and explain why Reiki is not as complicated as some may erroneously think, and go further to discuss Reiki as a holistic practice, and its usefulness in dealing with everyday issues like weight-loss, self-confidence, finances, stress, rejuvenation, relationships, aches, pains, and various other ailments. Reiki is an ancient ritualized laying-on of hands, and a distant healing practice. It is the ability to heal through the Universal Life Force, wherever and whenever, by way of a Metaphysical Healer acting as a channel for this Life Force. Reiki Practitioners believe that, "as well as being composed of energy... we also have energy running through us." (Parkes; 1998:15) In addition to cultivating discipline and responsibility, Metaphysicians interested in exploring Reiki would be fascinated by Reiki's emphasis on, and use in, Chakra Balancing, because "Reiki healing operates through interaction between the Chakras and the endocrine glands." (Honervogt; 2008:37)

This paper shows how almost anything that makes humanity better in any way, could be easily and rightly dragged and dropped into the amazing world of Reiki, as "Reiki always works for the greatest good." (Vennells; 2000:64) The paper contributes to the Metaphysical Practitioner's knowledge and practice by drawing attention to the Multi-Purpose potential of Reiki, as well as by expanding and supporting previous information on Reiki. It describes the essence of Reiki, thus enabling Metaphysicians to better understand and practice this healing art as effortlessly as possible.

Finally, I will show my Reiki lineage right from the Reiki re-discoverer in our present time (within the last 200 years), Mr. Mikao Usui, down through my Honorable Reiki Master and Teacher, Ms. Jo Long, and up to me. In the next chapter, I'll extensively review some of the books researched for this project, as proof that there are tons of materials out there to help Metaphysical Practitioners get acquainted and involved with Reiki - a truly simple, flexible, beautiful and gracious art and science of Metaphysical Healing.


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