Romantic Love Letters and Poems for Lovers

- To Julie and Juliette, With Love -


Julius Williams


(Based on a true story


Edited by: Julie Williams

Designed & Formatted by: Juliette Williams


All Songs in this book are written & composed

by Julius Williams, & published by BMI.


JoDArc Publishers


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Romantic Love Letters and Poems for Lovers

- To Julie and Juliette, With Love -

(Black-&-White Interior Paperback Edition)

First Edition - First Printing - (Sixth Revision)

Copyright 2012 by Julius Williams

& JoDArc Publishers


Published by:

JoDArc Publishers

a Division of

JoDArc Multimedia International

P. O. Box 720363, Houston, Texas 77272, USA.


Printed in the United States of America.

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Table Of Contents


Dedication. vi
Forward vii

Je taime - I Love You! 8
Your Happiness Is My Business 8
You Are Sweeter Than Honey.. 9
My Shooting Star.. 10

Part 1: In The Beginning - the dating stage .. 11
An Angel.. 12
Deeply in Love... 13
J for Julie.. 15
Your Face. 16
Some Things I Would Learn to Do Because of You 17
Joyful. 19
Wow!. 20
Could It Be True?. 22
I Like Long Kisses 23
Big Heart.. 24
I Care. 25
Crazy About You.. 27
I Dream of Julie, My Love Genie 28
I Miss You.... 29
Your Charm.. 31
Why I Love You 32
Your Beautiful Smile  34
Uh Babe. 36

You Are My Sunshine... 37

Your Place in My Heart. 38

You Are The Fairest of Them All.. 39

Your Love Is Divine.. 40

You Are My Number One. 42

The Unstoppable You 43

Forgive Them. 45

Happy New Year!.. 47

I Long for Your Kisses.. 48


Part 2: Trouble In Paradise - our love is tested  50

All I Have Is Love. 51

Driving You Crazy?... 52

Kiss Me.. 55

Please Forgive Me.. 56

Help!.. 59

Lovers, Forever.. 60

You Upset?  Me Afraid?... 61

A Fool for Love. 63

Hurry Up, Into My Heart... 65


Part 3: Happily Ever After - love reigns forever  66

Now, All Is Well 67

Forever, Just You and Me.. 69

Happy Mother's Day!! 70
My Precious Princess. 71

Happy Juliday!... 72

Love Is With Us. 73

Happy Valentine!... 74

Loving Is Living 76

You Are My Heartbeat.. 77

You Are My Everything 78

My Love Goddess. 79

You Are My Star... 81

Love Is Our Food.. 82

We Connect!!. 83

The King, The Queen, and The Princess of Julingdom.. 84

You Are The Flower.. 86

Happy Thanksgiving!! 87

I Believe in You. 88

There Are No Limitations!. 90

You Are My Ecstasy.. 91

Baby Its Alright 92

I Feel Like Dancing... 93

To Nica, With Love... 94

You Are My Pannonica. 95

Titles to Some Songs I Wrote for Julie.. 97

Titles to Some Songs I Wrote for Juliette.. 98

Je taime aussi - I Love You Too!. 99

Want More Information?.. 100

Alphabetical Index of Titles .. 101




To my beautiful Julie, a very special, wonderful, brilliant and inspiring lady, whose spouse I have the honor and privilege to be.  It is with a blessed joy and gratitude in my heart that I dedicate this book to you.  May your days be as wonderful as you.

Thank you!


To my gorgeous Juliette, a daughter of daughters, the ideal daughter every parent would wish for.  It is a great honor to be your dad.  Thank you!


To all who own, love or respect names that start with Juli and its equivalents or derivatives.


To my readers and fans,

With deep gratitude and appreciation.



The human photos or images herein, or on the book cover and CD sleeve designs, are not actual photos of Julie & Juliette, but are just as beautiful.  Im grateful for the photos/images.


            Julie's first name is actually Juliette, and she insisted on having Julie and Juliette on the title of this book.  Since her wish is my command, always, I complied!  (Our first and only child, our Princess, is named after her mom, Julie/Juliette.)

            Julie loves to share anything that can be shared, and persuaded me to publish these love letters and poems in the hope that some people could benefit from them - find love, fall in love, renew love, revive or re-awaken lost love, keep the love, and live happily ever after.  It gave me a good feeling to know that she considers my love reminiscence noteworthy enough to be published and shared with the rest of the world.  However, when I told her I would include her love letters to me also, she quickly hushed me and said No way!!  Why?  Because she thinks they are just a little extra private and intimate.  I think shes shy, fearing that they sort of constitute a window into her soul.  Well, she said shed need some time to prepare herself to let go, and that maybe it would be the sequel to this one.  I hope so, but I doubt shed let go.  She re-reads these love letters and poems from time to time, and theres something she gets out of them that makes her hold on so tightly to them.  Im even surprised that shes letting me publish these ones.  These are not comprehensive, not by a long shot, but Julie, Juliette and I hand-picked these ones for being more precise and less redundant.  We think they say just about everything that was said in the others. Have fun! Live Love!

            Remember to recommend this book optimistically to your friends, relatives, neighbors and anyone you think would love it.


- Julius Williams.
Thursday, December 1st, 2011.



Je taime - I love you!


Your Happiness

Is My Business



You Are Sweeter Than Honey

Its been several years since I first met you,

And youre still the best;

Prettier than a rose flower,

Sweeter than honey,

Cuter than the sparks of a diamond,

Like it was only yesterday that I met you;

And most of all,

Youre dearer and more precious than ever

To the depths of my heart.

I love you more than words can say!!!



My Shooting Star

You light up my universe,

So I decided to write you this verse,

As a token of my gratitude

For your inspiring attitude.


You're so beautiful that I could look at you all day,

Without blinking;

You make my joy so full everyday,

That it seems Im always dreaming.


Are you my shooting star?

If so, can I make a wish?

If not, could you tell me who or what you  




Part 1

In The Beginning

 - the dating stage -



An Angel

Look at you,

Like an angel from above,

Flying through the skies of love,

To me, of course.



Deeply In Love

Dear Julie,

            There are a few things I wish to tell you, but I don't know how, nor do I have enough courage to do so, for fear of getting you upset.  But please, do know that as I muster the courage to write some things now, I do not in any way mean to be disrespectful, nor embarrass you, nor do I intend to abuse or take advantage of your kindness and soft-heartedness.  It's just that I feel so much pressure in my heart to say them, as if I won't survive another second if I don't.  So please, bear with me and forgive me if I make a fool of myself.


1.         You are very beautiful!  'Beautiful' is too small a word to use, but my limited vocabulary or command of the language keeps me from finding and using a much better word.  You would only be as beautiful as 'the girl next door' if you were only beautiful on the outside; but you are so internally beautiful as well that it sets you apart from the rest of the world.  Thus, to me, you are 'the fairest of them all!!'  And in my opinion, none can be compared to you!  Words?  No, these are not just empty words to me, I'm not saying this simply to impress you, for I truly mean what I say, and merely state the fact.


2.         I am deeply in love with you!  I can't get you off my head, even if I tried; but fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not trying at all.  Why should I?  Who would want to do a horrible thing like that?:-))  However, as much as I feel such a strong love for you, if you were to tell me that you don't feel the same about me, I would immediately 'cease & desist,' and promise NEVER to bother you again, without grudges, but only with the greatest heartbreak in history.  The easiest part for me is loving you with all my heart, nothing else.  The way I feel about you is not the empty carnal feeling most people call love; it is love in it's purest and holiest sense, the type that dictionaries don't have words for.


3.         Unless you tell me not to, my correspondences to you after this one will now say something like My Dearest Julie, for it seems so unfair to think of you as highly and dearly as I do, and still address you simply as Dear Julie.  You deserve nothing but the best and most endearing esteem, at least from me!  And that's what you'll get from me, forever!!


4.         Ive started the Esperanto International Language lessons that I told you about.  Its fun.  Maybe someday youll learn it too, so we can speak it together.

            I apologize for the lengthy mail.  Take care, and have a wonderful week.  - Peace & Love, JJ.



J for Julie


J is for Julie,

As E is for eternity.

L is for love;

As in I love you for all eternity.


The sound of your name,

Makes Julie the sweetest of all names;

And the sound of my name on your lips,

Resonates all the way down to my hips.


Your beauty and grace,

Permeate all space,

And your soft soothing voice,

Tells me youre my divine choice.


You have the right curves in the right places,

And the radiance from your lovely face,

Combines with them,

To make you a perfect gem.



Your Face


            Dearest J., I wish to tell and make lots of jokes with you, run around, and laugh out loud with you.  Id be very happy to be able to sit down often and just look at your face, admire you, love you, be thankful for you, and bless the day you were created for me.  I love you, I sure do!

-           Your J.



Some Things I Would Learn to Do Because of You


Id learn about flowers, so that Id pick you the best flowers.

Id learn to sing, so that Id sing about your loveliness.

Id learn to write, so that Id write you the best poems.

Id learn to love, so that youd experience the best love ever.

Id learn the art of romance so youd know the best romance ever

Id learn to kiss, oh ya, so Id kiss you sweetly from head to toe.

Id learn to dream, so that Id dream of you all day, all night.

Id learn to play the piano, so that Id play you happy melodies.

Id learn to dance, so that Id dance to make you happy.

Id learn to be a comedian, so that youd have enough laughter.

Id learn to live, so that Id live for you.

Id learn to paint, so that Id make you the best paintings.

Id learn to make money, so that youd be very comfortable.

Id learn weight-lifting, so Id lift you across wet and dirty floors.

Id learn to be thankful, so that Id thank God for you.

Id learn to appreciate, so that Id appreciate you.

Id learn to respect, so that Id respect you.

Id learn to be a good man, so youd have the best man on earth.

Id learn to do all the good I can, so Id do everything for you.

Id learn to be all the good I can, so Id be everything to you.

Id learn to cook, so that youd eat the best meals.

Id learn to drive, so Id drive you around like a merry-go-round.

Id learn martial arts, so that Id defend you if the need arises.

Id learn to run, so Id run to meet you at the door when youre coming home.

Id learn to pray, so that God would grant you all the good things you could ever ask for.

Just name it, my darling, my sweetheart, and youd have it, for your wish will always be my command, even the command of the gods!


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(Some pages skipped here, in this sample copy)


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To Nica, With Love

- Dedicated to Pannonica Rothschild and Nellie Monk -


            My Sweetheart, Julie, Ive started working on the Pannonica music CD we talked about - (You Are My Pannonica / To Nica, With Love).  And, below is the poem I wrote for you in her honor, your honor, for I see her spirit and reflection in you.


            Like Pannonica, you are the most beautiful lady that ever walks this earth in your time.  One song changed Nicas life forever; you are my song, the song that changed me forever.  Indeed, behind every successful man, there is a great woman, be her a Nica, a Nellie or a Julie.  You are the Jazz that sets me free, the beautiful saintly Nica that helps me find myself, and the devoted lovely Nellie that keeps me going. You are all the muse I need.  Your love and devotion is unrivaled.  If I was Thelonious, youd be my Nica.  If I was Monk, youd be my Nellie.  Oh my Julie, how lost Id be without you!!


            Oh Pannonica, Blessed Nica, Immortal Pannonica, you live in my heart, forever.  You are the embodiment of the freedom that Jazz expresses.  You have courage to be yourself.  You have vision to see the future beyond the surface, beyond appearances, beyond what every other person thinks, sees or says.  You are now one of my Patrons, my Saint Pannonica  - a Patron Saint of Jazz, a High Priestess of Jazz, a Goddess of Jazz, and also the embodiment of pure unconditional innocent love.



You Are My Pannonica

- Dedicated to Pannonica (Rothschild) de Koenigswarter -


You love my music,

You say its got magic.

You believe in me,

And Genius is all you see.


If I come from Africa,

You are my Pannonica;

And if I live in America,

You are my Pannonica.


Wherever I go,

Playing the Piano,

From North to South America,

You are my Pannonica.


You listen to my song

All day long;

You hear nothing wrong,

But only know that with me you belong.


So you accompany me all over,

Support me forever,

And inspire me even more,

Making things better, forevermore.


 You are my Pannonica,

My Blessed, Immortal Nica.

Your Soul knows nothing but beauty,

And youll be remembered for your purity.


Surely, you are a Saint,

Saint Pannonica,

Full of pure love that never grows faint;

The kind of love only shown by Pannonica.


From here to Jamaica,

You are my Pannonica.

From here to infinity,

You are my Pannonica, for all eternity!



Titles to some songs I wrote for Julie:


All I Need Is You

Beautiful Julie, Made In Heaven

Do With Me As You Wish

Even The Gods Adore You

Excitingly Irresistible

Glue Your Lips To Mine

Happily Ever After

I Am So In Love With You

I Bless The Day I Met You

I Live For You

I Love Thee, My Julie

I Will Never Break Your Heart

In Your Arms Forever

Kiss Me Tight

Let's Do The Oh La La

Love Me Non-Stop

Lucky Lips

My Heart Is Safe With You

She's Everyman's Fantasy

Soak Me In Your Love

Squeeze Me Tight

We Connect!

You Are My Ecstasy

You Intoxicate Me With Romance

You're A Lover's Dream Come True


Titles to some songs I wrote for Juliette:


All I Have Is Love

Best Friends Forever

Flowers for Juliette

Gorgeous Juliette, Sent From Heaven

I Love You Too

I Will Love You Forever

Lovely Juliette

Loving You Is So Easy

Reach For The Stars

She's Worth Dying For

Sonrisa / Smile

You Are My Heartbeat

You Make Me Feel Great

You Make Me Very Happy

You Must Be From Heaven

You Rock!

You're Always In My Heart





Je taime aussi - I love you too!

Your Happiness

Will Forever Be My Business.



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(End of Sample / Preview)


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